Private Eye VR

The Private Eye- Case Files was an Oculus Rift game entry for the VR Jam 2015 competition. It is a diorama based game, where the player sees the environment he/she is about to explore from a birds-eye view. I got to work remotely on the game, together with a the team in England, for which we were one of the finalists.

On this project, my primary task was to design the environments of the game, creating immersive interiors for the player to feel as if he/she was in the 60s. Having created the layout of the ground and first floor of the mansion, I then tackled each individual rooms. I sketched them (as illustrated below) in 3D perspective to give depth to the ideas and the items in each room.


The Private Eye Case Files utilises the power that VR has to give players an unparalleled feeling of presence in interactive storytelling. Transporting you back to the early 60s through detailed art and music design, to create a realistic and ambient noir aesthetic.

This is a house where every item conveys meaning whether it’s a character’s fears, quashed ambition, a secret love or an intent to kill. By blending cinematic narrative and aesthetics we aim for a state of presence that lies in familiar environments and everyday objects and actions, creating experiences which can be easily related to and embodied.

This gripping noir mystery is delivered through intricate environmental storytelling and suspect interrogation that utilises a unique interactive questioning system.

The central game mechanic rests on you investigating each room of the manor for clues which will help you piece together the intricate back-story to the victim’s death. The twist here is that you can assess each room from a bird’s-eye vantage, spinning it around as a diorama from your office.