Aftermath_ The Climate Crisis Consequence VR Experience

Aftermath is a virtual reality experience investigating the flow-on effects of climate change. Set in a distant future, the setting for the VR experience, is a journey along the coastal region of Mauritius showcasing the damaging consequence of sea-level rise. Even though mitigation and adaptation techniques have been put in place, like sea walls and use of mangroves, these have be made futile over time.

This trip in the future is being created to create awareness [as well as challenging the way we think] of the devastating potential of climate change on vulnerable regions, displacing habitation and altering the way we live. Collaborators for this project include Liam Pillay and Donna Simon. 

Following a series of community surveys, the two images illustrated below were chosen as the most popular. They will be used to create the virtual reality experience.

Play Test_ Beta

A trailer showcasing the play environment was put together as part of the World’s Challenge Challenge.

To assist in designing the layout of the experience, a walkthrough map was drawn to assist development.

Concept Images

Below is the set of concept images used as a framework for the virtual reality experience. Move the slider to the right & left to see the 2 variations and results of community survey are illustrated below.

Concept Art 1

Which one of the Concept Art creates the most impact?
Concept Art 2

Which one of the Concept Art creates the most impact?
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